It is a human desire to sleep like a baby once they hit the bed after working hard or spending an eventful day at home. But, do you know what’s utmost important to help you to get a goodnight’s sleep? The perfect sleepwear. You’d be surprised how much comfortable sleepwear can improve your quality of sleep.

So, to sleep like a baby, one not just needs a proper bedtime schedule, but the perfect lighting, right ambience and the perfect sleepwear. You need to be at ease while you are sluggishly shifting into the world of your blissful dreams.

Now that we know how important it is to choose the right sleepwear, let's look at some of the do’s and don'ts of choosing the perfect one.


Fabric - Whether you’re trying to impress your significant other or it’s just about #feelingcomfy finding the right fabric for your sleepwear must not be compromised. Some people like to keep things simple and choose comfortable t-shirts or oversize t-shirts, while others like to add a touch of luxe to their bedtime wear. When it comes to fabrics, choose comfort over style because the fabric you choose regulates the temperature of your body while you sleep.

Cotton and silk are the most popular choices. In places where temperatures drop erratically, wool and fleece sleepwear keeps you warm and cozy. For hot and humid places, choose cotton pajamas. Natural, lightweight, and breathable, it wicks sweat out of your body.

Fit - Always go for comfortable fit sleepwear. The new trend in sleepwear is loose-fit pajamas.

Celebrities on the Gram are leaving no stones unturned to show off this buzzing fashion trend. And not to forget, skin-tight jammies and pajamas affect your blood circulation negatively, hampering your overall health.


Bras are a strict no-no. Ditch the underwired life, at least when you go to bed. Bras that are too tight can cause health problems and damage your skin. Why expose yourself to illness while sleeping? 

Don't wear makeup before going to bed. Let your skin breathe. Follow a proper skincare routine before hitting the bed. 

Now you know how important sleepwear is to maintain our sleep cycle. Therefore, investing in multiple pairs of cute PJs in quirky prints is a wise investment.