Investing in sleepwear has become a popular trend in recent years. Since the pandemic hit us, we have all learned to embrace new ways of living, from masking up to sanitising and updating our sleepwear wardrobe! Sleepwear and pajamas have always been the least important piece of clothing in our wardrobes, till last year. But, we now tend to splurge on the highest quality pajamas, nightwear, and sleepwear because today, they are considered a luxurious investment.

Whether you’re thinking of stepping out for shopping or plans to chill out at home, all day long; pajama dressing is the new fashion. Did you know, however, that sleepwear plays a critical role in improving sleep? No matter how you like to wear your pajama sets, this immensely comfortable piece of clothing is one of the most important aspects of a restful sleep.

There was a time when nightwear was only available in cotton and satin robes, nighties, and kaftans, but now there are so many choices available. Pajama sets, short sets and shirt dresses are the most lovable styles amongst youngsters. Comfortable sleepwear is what you need to get into sleep mode, so designers create styles in breathable fabrics like rayon, satin, and cotton silk that feel smooth against your skin. So, pajamas are not just about WFH, chilling at home and watching Netflix.

Put on your favourite pajamas, you'll feel relaxed and enjoy some stellar sleep. Choosing the right fabric is important when it comes to shopping sleepwear since it helps regulate your body temperature and activates the sleep hormones.  It is imperative to choose sleepwear fabric that is in sync with the weather outside. Cotton and satin are the best fabrics for hot and humid weather. When the temperature drops, we recommend flannel-woven sleepwear to keep you warm.

Did we mention the sleepwear silhouette? It’s a complete no to sleepwear that may get constricting. It may feel irritable and uncomfortable against the skin. We recommend a comfy cotton pajama set is perfect for everyone, irrespective of age, size, or shape.

With pajamas being the new fashion wear, it makes sense to invest in a stylish set of pajamas. After all, we all enjoy dressing up in quirky and comfortable pajamas for all occasions and moods.