Back in the school days, there were only two things that the children grew up believing. First, a prestigious degree is imperative for success in life ahead and second, a trip to Goa with friends is a prerequisite to validate your friendship. Well, don’t know about the certainty of the former but the latter guaranteed to be a topic of hot debate over the family dining table!

There is no possible excuse, no age to stay away from the enigma of Goa! From getting submerged in piles of books to the salty waters of this place, all 12th graders have the same dream for after the dreadful boards get over! Once they grow up and assume household responsibility or are the breadwinner of the family, this place serves as the perfect weekend getaway! So they pack their bags not with responsibilities but with swimsuits and hats as they once again prepare for their adrenaline to rush through the ceiling. They say Goa is not only a land of beaches or a city of churches but it is a feeling that defines thrill in a way never experienced before!

This group of sisters surely catch eye as the funky tribe to look out for! All of them married, with kids, families and jobs to look after spotted rediscovering themselves in the sandy beaches of Goa! They prove that the child in them never dies and neither does their love for some uncensored sisterly fun. Donning matching sleepshirts and the same zeal in their eyes, they prove that there is always a vacation you deserve to rejuvenate your mind and soul. It looks as if after all these years while so much around has changed, yet nothing seems to have changed for them. They still don’t run out of topics to talk about and the little sister still tries to copy what the elder one is wearing. No wonder they were all seen wearing the same outfit, redefining the twinning game for everyone! Their hearts seem to be smiling, so do their faces as they look stylish and comfortable than ever. 

Who knows comfort better than sisters! Be it in each-others company or the nightwear they slip into, there is warmth and comfort in both. That is exactly why these beautiful ladies decided to join the Pajama Tribe. Our breathable and soft fabric is perfect to take a walk down the beach in or devour the hotel breakfast buffet! Not to mention the fond memories they create for a lifetime in these identical sleepshirts knowing that they all belong to the same tribe, both metaphorically and literally.

I wonder whether they would return to this place when they are 60 to celebrate this quirky and unbreakable bond that they share! One thing I’m certain of is that Goa would be the same. The waves would still come to the shore every time to welcome you like nothing has changed! Until then let’s see you wearing matching sleepshirts and gossip over a cup of coffee or wine is it?