The chances of getting to know the secrets of national importance are higher than knowing what girls really do on their sleepovers! Whether they are having the classic pillow fight or are snuggling in bed watching netflix? Whether they are glammed up playing dress up at 3am or are eating a tub full of ice cream in matching PJs? These are some secrets that are buried deep in the history of their friendship as soon as that bedroom door closes.

As we grow up, we move cities, make new friends, boys come and go and so do seasons as time passes. However, in all of this, there is always that one bestie that always has your back no matter what. With whom you can truly be yourself because you know that she is crazy too! Who pampers you with chocolates & lays when you are handles all your roller-coaster mood swings before you even say it! One eye contact with her can do what hundreds and thousands of words can’t! 

Sleepovers are to cherish this bond and to feel grateful to have found a soulmate in your best friend. 

So how do we make the perfect sleepover? What are the ingredients? 

Well if that is what the nation wants to know, we will reveal the secret! 

We need a big bowl of hot maggi (because sleepovers are all about cheat meals), immeasurable gossip and of course your BFF! This can be garnished with matching pajamas for an unlimited supply of photos and boomerangs to update the gram because your bond is surely #GOALS. 

When besties twin they win! As your hearts connect in that one night, let your #OOTN not fall short. Get coordinated adorable night suits for your next sleepover to have a picture perfect night. They say friends are your chosen family so why not choose a personalised and special gift for your bffs with us! Make our pajamas the official dress code for your girl clan.

So here’s to celebrating friendship, to having someone constant in this world of change. To feel secure and perfect in each other's imperfections. To a million more sleepovers and a zillion more cherished memories to make!