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Learn more about the story behind our Tribe.

Welcome to the
Pajama Tribe!

Here, we seek to foster a community demanding supreme comfort without compromising with style. With our custom made sleepwear, we believe in taking your pajama game up a quirky notch.

You can only feel good inside when you look good on the outside, even while you sleep!

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Let's begin with a bedtime story...

Life these days is crazy, isn't it? You're in a mad rush from dawn to dusk. There are children with piled up homework. Meetings and targets yet to be achieved. Parties and gatherings to visit. Your Facebook friends are waiting with bated breath for your breakfast pics and your family groups on Whatsapp are frantic without those forwards. You're constantly trying not to disappoint anyone! Perhaps you are forgetting something you owe yourself.

Are you wearing the right sleepwear, really?

Quality sleep is the gravest collateral loss of this rat race. Lack of which affects everything, be it academics, work efficiency or even our relationships. How many times have parents, spouses, and teachers come up to you and shaken their heads in exasperation with a scathing "Didn't get enough sleep?" Think about it. Why didn't you sleep well? No time? No place? Not enough comfort?

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“We rethought, reinvented, and redesigned the product line to build you the nightwear of your dreams.

Our journey started with us trying to solve a problem and voila!”  An idea that dawned at bedtime...

The concept of Pajama Tribe evolved when we realized that for time immemorial, sleepwear has been relegated to oversized T-shirts and overpriced nighties, lacking in both style and comfort. The absence of quality yet funky nightwear made us see a void that we aimed to fill.

Come Vibe with the Tribe.

The Pajama Tribe is the expression of freedom we were craving for. Here is a whole unexplored ocean of styles that were young, fun, supremely comfortable, and reasonably priced. In fact, you can not only sleep but also hang out in our comfort clothing. From casual to dressy, from extra small to extra large, from feminine floral prints to cool geometric patterns - you name it, and The Pajama Tribe has you covered!

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Here's where the Pajama Tribe comes in rescue for our fellow tribe dreamers! We're here to make sure you have the sleepwear that comforts your Body, Mind, and Soul.


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