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Can I customize beyond the designs displayed on your site?

You’ll be surprised at the possibilities. The bottom and sleeve length, neckline style, and pockets can be customized. Pockets can also be added to the Pajamas.

How do I change to a different style from the one shown in the picture?

Not a problem at all, since any style can be customized for you. If there’s a particular style you want to be done other than the picture, share it with us via email or WhatsApp. Your wish is our command!

Will the fabric bleed or shrink?

The fabric is normally colorfast, but there is a bleak chance of slight color bleeding when washed for the first time. In the case of block prints, wash in cold water and do not mix with other clothes. Slight shrinkage is possible in the case of cotton fabrics.

Can the item be machine-washed?

Yes, certainly. You can machine-wash with ease.

How much loosening do you add in standard body measurements?

We usually add 2 inches of loosening in all our sleepwear. So it can be altered without a fuss.

How do I order sizes not mentioned in the size chart?

It’s simple. Just send us an email or WhatsApp indicating the desired measurements when you place your order.

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