Matching Night Suits for You & Your Tribe!

The Pajama Tribe is elated to create matching night dress for you and your tribe. Be it your bff, your better half, your sibling or your entire family, here we curate comfort with the same love that you share with them.


They say inspiration comes from within and here at Pajama Tribe we welcome you to channel your creativity into this night suit of yours. Surprise us with what you want and let us surprise you with what we create!

How to Order Matching Night Suits

Get custom-made matching nightwear and pyjama sets in three simple steps. Pick the design of the fabric, choose multiple styles and you are all set to flaunt your matching sets in fabulous fit, truly defining your personal style. Select from our plenty of unique designs and styles that suit you.

A fusion of comfort and style makes our matching nightwear an absolute hit amongst all age groups. Be a part of our uber cool tribe - stay stylish and comfy in breathable fabrics in myriad prints for matching nightwear and PJs.


Twinning Together

What can be better than making your loved ones our tribe members too? Choose from our unparalleled variety of fabrics and styles to be picture perfect alway, even while sleeping!

Matching Sibling Night Dress

From sharing the same blood, you can now share the same nightwear too! Strengthen your sibling bond with our comfortable matching sets.

Mother and Daughter Night Dress

Same pinch! Add some more giggle and laughter to your mother daughter friendship by donning matching pyjama sets in identical prints and colours. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and cuteness.

Matching Night Dress for Father and Son

Like Father, like Son! Shop matching pyjama sets for the cool father and son duo in quirky prints and comfortable fabrics. Pajama Tribe allows you to choose and get customised PJs in iconic prints that you’ll be wearing all season.

Matching Nightwear for Couples

Imagine snuggling in bed every night with your better half in the same nightwear! Surprise your special one with our matching sets for couples, available in innumerable prints and styles.

Matching Nightwear for Mother and Son

Make your bedtime story ritual extra special with our matching pyjama sets custom made for the super cute pair of mom and son. Choose from our collection of PJs wrapped in a peppy palette and playful prints.

Matching Nightwear for Father and Daughter

Make a signature addition to your sleepwear wardrobe with our matching pyjama sets designed for the beary daddy and his princess daughter. Select from the various styles in bespoke designs.

Matching Night Dress for Family

They brought you up, now it is time for you to bring up their nightwear game. The Pajama Tribe has you covered with our matching night suits for your entire family from our wide range of options to choose from.

Matching Nightdress for Big Group

Twin with your tribe during trips and sleepovers and give out some major goals. The Pajama Tribe offers matching sets for all your friends, bridesmaids, and those cute pyjama parties!

Matching Nightwear for Sisters

Rejoice moments of love, laughter and leisure with sisters with our very comfortable quirky cute prints night dresses for those long night stays and outings.

Birthday and Gifting

Gifting matching nightwear on birthdays, anniversary or as return gifts to your special ones can be such a thoughtful idea. The Pajama Tribe invites you to shop customised and comfortable matching night suits from us and experience the magic yourself!

Get in touch with us today for your gifting requirements.


Does it get any cuter? Pajama Tribe makes it easy to create custom-made sleepwear and pajamas for you and your loved ones. Get everyone in the celebratory spirits with matching PJs from Pajama Tribe. We offer a vast selection of customisable nightwear in aww-dorable prints and styles.