Cotton Poplin – Cotton poplin fabric woven sleepwear introduces a new level of comfort. Being the most breathable fabric, it is chosen by many. It absorbs moisture and is naturally hypoallergenic. Save money on dry cleaning because cotton is easy to wash and care for.

Cotton Cambric – Cotton cambric is a light-weight and all pure cotton fabric, perfect for Indian Spring, Summer and beyond. The comfort and softness of this fabric makes it an ideal pick to be worn all year long. It has a subtle glossiness from one side, which doesn’t fade with time.

Rayon – Rayon fabric is cool, comfortable, highly absorbent and non-insulating, making it ideal for hot and humid weather. It is a semi-synthetic fabric and must be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle.

Polyester Satin – Comfortable, soft to touch and lustrous, polyester satin is the luxurious smooth and silky fabric that leaves no wrinkles or creases on your skin. Stay relaxed and cozy in satin sleepwear, perfect for winter nights as the temperature drops drastically. Choose the gentle cycle and use cold water to wash polyester satin fabrics.

Flannel – It’s soft, fluffy and warm! Comfortable to wear for perfect good night sleep, flannel woven sleepwear are considered to be the best for winter nights; to keep you warm. Flannel sleepwear must be machine cold washed under the gentle cycle.