Family photos are precious. The special moments stay forever in the hearts of everyone. They are the best way to document milestones and memorable phases of life. 

After booking a family shoot, one question that always bothers us is “what to wear?”. We want everyone to look fabulous and want the shoots to go smoothly. Plus there’s that desire to look slim and super classy so that people would notice that you have shed a good 7 kgs. Or you want to flaunt the amazing camaraderie you and your husband share. Choose comfy and classy outfits that capture your connection with every loved one and make your pictures even more heartwarming.



 Plan Ahead 

Start by deciding the theme of your family photo shoot. Imagine what sort of visual history you want when you’ll peek into the happy memories of the days gone by. Or how do you want to reminisce about your family pictures? Is it a holiday, a milestone, anniversary, or an annual tradition? Plan your outfits accordingly. Go for colours, patterns, and styles that speak volume of the joyous times you are having. 

For a beach vacation with family, consider matching loungewear with tropical scene prints in cotton. If it’s a reunion, go for a customised, signature style of your family. Thoughtful planning allows you to capture the vibe of the occasion and pick outfits that scream family loud and clear.

Ideal Prints & Patterns to Wear

A good number of prints work well for your family photos. Go for subtle ones that don't make your photos too chaotic. Try sticking to one print and a solid colour for the rest. One of the tried and tested patterns is florals. You can find an array of florals that look wonderful in pictures. Small patterns look dainty with a single colour background. Ladies in the family can go for flor; printed loungewear and men can choose for simple striped ones.



Matching is Always Fun

Nothing says harmony like matching outfits.They perfectly depict the mutual understanding and cooperation in family shoots. Comfortable loungewear is a family’s favourite. The light and airy outfits that tick all the right boxes of young and old. Matching loungewear comes in a variety of styles and designs and offer you endless options for different moods and settings. The loungewear ensures a put-together look in the pictures and even after the shoot. 


Just wisely choose the colours and styles for everyone. Pick according to the theme and setting where you’ll have your shoot. Go for warm and rich colours that don’t look pale and suit everyone’s skin tone. If you are planning a photo session in a garden or outdoors, try to avoid greens and browns. Pay attention to the location while choosing your matching outfits. 

Coordinated Fits 

Another great way is to wear cohesive and well-coordinated sets in sync with other family members. The trick is to understand the colour wheel and use colour relationships to choose your outfits in complementary colours. Or say pick two colours on the opposite of the colour wheel. The high-contrast combination always looks bright and makes you all pop. If you want it less intense, choose earthy tones with a base colour. 


Plan well in advance, match, or coordinate according to the theme and location. Understand the colour scheme and select shades that you love. Wondering where on earth would you get matching outfits for the whole jing-bang? The answer is Pajama Tribe. We customise pure comfort for everyone and make the family photoshoot picture-perfect by getting all the members to pose in matching loungewear sets. Have any style or anything specific in your mind? We would love to personalise it for you.