Finally, you and your girls are meeting after ages. The whatsapp group is swarming with fun ideas and exciting things you all can do. One has suggested karaoke; others are stressing on charades; and some are urging for a spa night. Here you are the wise one thinking about a cute and comfortable outfit that the whole squad can flaunt and feel pretty together. Well, the easy way out is to wear any outfit of your choice. But why make it dull and boring when you can sprinkle panache and thrill with wonderful options like matching loungewear? 

Utterly classy, light, and airy, these leisure wear make for an ideal choice for the same-pinch on this special occasion. It feels like embracing coordinated grace in unison. Coordinated sets can double the fun and elegance by leaps and bounds. Let’s unveil some more beautiful reasons to match with your girl gang. 

Make for ‘One’derful Pictures

  It’s your favourite time with the girls. You’ll be clicking hundreds of pictures so your outfit has to be classy and click-worthy.  Plus, you gotta show that you all are “one”. Elegance increases twofold with visually appealing and cohesive lounge attires. Click as many pictures as you want and share tons of instagram stories. You’ll have a memorable keepsake to cherish the fun times you had with the girl gang.


Strengthens the Friendship

Make everyone feel like part of the squad in matching comfort wear. It creates a sense of unity and strengthens the bond between the girls. They will feel connected and enjoy every moment to the core.

Fun & Festive Feel

It’s a special affair, the occasion definitely deserves a special outfit. Set the tone right with well-coordinated cozywear. Consider cotton floral printed shorts sets that look sizzling hot. Or you may match up with the theme of the pajama party. For example, celebration prints alive with bottles of champagne, confetti, and everything pretty.

Easy to Plan & Execute 

Save yourself (and your girlies) from the trouble of choosing the perfect outfit for the night. Just pick matching printed loungewear and you are all sorted. Great style, supreme versatility, easy movement, and put together look - all come packed in it. In addition, there’s no outfit envy or competition. 

Comfortable & Practical 

The main function of the loungewear is to keep everyone comfortable at all times. They are mostly made from soft, breathable fabrics that ensure easy movements. So the girls will always be at ease while relaxing, enjoying, or sleeping. 

Vast Choices for Everyone

When it comes to dressing, we girls love variety. Loungewear is one category that pampers with plenty. It’s a blessing that blends comfort & elegance. From a Pajama Set to a night tee, a robe to shorts set, you can choose anything according to the squad. In case everyone chooses a unique style, simplify it by choosing any shared element. It can be a print, pattern, or anything. 


If you think someone is going to be a tough nut to crack, convince her with your trump card called customization. Let her decide the style, print, pattern, or colour according to her style and preferences. She can even get the monogrammed loungewear or robes. Personalization, literally has no limits, make the most of it. 

Final Thoughts

Coordinated loungewear is the perfect addition to your sleepover or pajama brunch. They are a practical and ultra comfy choice for these relaxing moments. At Pajama Tribe, unbox our very cool matching loungewear for the whole gang.